Sjøgata street

A guided city walk

The hotel is situated at the southern end of Sjøgata. Along the street are cosy cafés, galleries, inns, and Helgeland Museum. Sjøgata street was awarded St. Olav’s Rose (Olavsrosa) for the impressive work to preserve the local heritage. You can wander the street on your own, or join a knowledgeable guide from Helgeland Museum.

The guided cultural walk, starting at the venerable Fru Haugans Hotel, passes through little alleys and past old wharf buildings. How about visiting one of the local galleries or the museum? Or relaxing with a cup of coffee and a local speciality – lefse with gomme – at the Cultural Workshop? Maybe you prefer grilled sausage served with a cup of hot gløgg, or a pint of beer that is specially brewed at one of the local pubs? During the summer you’re likely to encounter some surprising examples of Mosjøen’s diverse cultural life. And as we approach Christmas, the town comes alive in its own unique way.

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Photo: Ellen Løvold Strand (main photo) and Fabrice Milochau

Guided tour:

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Sjøgata street